About Us

Merry Meet and welcome !

My name is Holly and I am High Priestess of my coven.

Just like all the women in my family I was born into the craft and I have practiced magick all my life.

Although my entire coven works hard to make magick for you, it is me that takes care of this website, customer orders, Facebook pages and all customer queries.

I make handcrafted jewellery which I take to our sacred spell casting site to be infused with all kinds of magickal spell energies.

I also offer beautiful jewellery vessels which have been infused with white light spirits that will be your companion and help you with their magickal energies in so many ways.

Perhaps you would like us to simply cast a spell for you without any jewellery items etc, take a look at the spell casting section of my online shop where you will find spells to help with all aspects of life.

So come and browse through my little shop and see if you feel drawn to anything.

I look forward to making magick for you soon!


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