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Agnes Reoch - Powerful Love Magick

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Agnes Reoch Witch Worn Vessel

A beautiful elasticated bracelet with bronze toned hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This vessel will be worn by High Priestess Holly during the next 'Agnes Reoch' summoning ritual at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Hollys body will act as a magickal transference tool for the essence of Agnes Reoch, and so this vessel will be intensely energised with her powers.

Agnes, or Aggie as she likes to be called is a Scottish witch with extremely intense energies about her, there is no doubting her determination to help you with her magick!

Aggie has given us a message for those of you that become keepers of her enchanted vessels -

'It is no coincidence that you are drawn to me, those that feel the pull of my power are in need of the magick I can provide.

Your heart feels like a void without him, your soul feels split in half and torn apart without him by your side.

Part of you is missing and incomplete without him in your arms, and my magick aims to remedy that my sweet one.

My ancient celtic magick will soar like a bird, taking your love for him and delivering it straight to his heart - manifesting your desire for him and planting it deep within him, no matter how far apart you may be physically or emotionally.

If there is even just the tiniest seed of love for you within him, my magick will make that seed grow and bloom until he can think of nothing else, until he too feels the void and desires to complete himself by being with you.

Trust me to deliver your love to him and allow time for the seed to grow, let me be a part of this special union' 

So mote it be! 

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