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Aneksi Egyptian Priestess - Love Magick

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Aneksi - Egyptian PriestessVessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with amethyst nuggets and tibetan silver.

This vessel will be worn by High Priestess Holly during the next Priestess Aneksi summoning rituals at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Rather than using my own words to describe the power within this vessel, I have a message from Aneksi about how she can help you -

'You want him to burn from the inside out with passion for you, you want him to become aroused just at the slightest thought of you, you want him to tremble when he thinks of your touch.

You need only know the symbolism of my name to understand how my magick will help you, for my name means 'she belongs to me' and this feeling is what my magick will inspire within him.

In these modern times my magick might not be welcomed by everyone, the thought of a man wanting to possess you is intimidating or insulting to some women, and yet there are others who will welcome the idea of their man wishing to be the centre of their universe.

My magick will not make you the property of the man you desire, but it will make his feel possessive about you, jealous at the thought of you being with anyone else, it will make him seek you out, crave your company and have you entirely for him and him alone!

You will creep into his mind when he least expects it, he will find himself distracted with thoughts of you throughout the day, and it will make his feelings for you burn hot and wild, even when you are not together.

But do not seek to inspire feelings that are not meant to be, my magick can only magnify and intensify a spark into a flame, it can not create passion where none exists' 

So mote it be! 

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