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Angel Alarina Guardian Vessel - Angel Protection Spells

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Angel Alarina Guardian Vessel

A pretty pair of earrings with pink jade, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This vessel has been infused with the energies of a female angel by the name of Alarina.

She is a very caring and comforting angel, but she is also fiercely protective.

Alarina will watch over you wherever you go, guiding you away from potential harm, leading you to positive outcomes and warding off negative energy that is being directed towards you by other people.

If you have to be around negative people that like to back stab or bully, or people that like to stir up trouble for others, Alarina will deflect this negative energy away from you.

She will be by your side through all challenging situations and she will always work towards keeping you safe and sound. 

So mote it be!

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