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Atmosphere Healing Charm

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Atmosphere Healing Charm

Made from opalite, tibetan silver and high quality glass beads.

Infused with spells to remove negative energies from your personal atmosphere.

This highly energised vessel will absorb the negative energy gradually, replacing it with a more pure and positive vibe.

Negative energy builds up around us over time.

There are many things that contribute to this energy such as illness, depression, aggression, guilt, fear, arguments, sexual frustration, bitterness, jealousy and anger.

This negative energy can result in a heavy atmosphere with lots of tension and it can be very draining.

The more drained you get, the more negative energy is created, which makes the whole thing go round in a circle of bad vibes which can be very difficult to break.

There are many situations that this energised charm can help with -

Is there too much tension at home? family arguments, rebellious teenagers, challenging behaviour from children?

Do you dread going to work because of the atmosphere there?

Perhaps there is someone at work that makes things difficult for you, or someone whose behaviour is creating a bad vibe?

Do you hate visiting certain people or dread them coming to your home because of the bad atmosphere between you?

This piece is infused with spells to help deal with this kind of thing.

You can take it to work with you, keep it at home, or take it with you further afield if you need to as it is a small and light weight piece.

Don't suffer in silence - use this magickal charm to heal your atmosphere.

So mote it be!

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