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Aura Cleansing Bracelet

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Aura Cleansing Bracelet

Made with gorgeous glass beads, tibetan silver and silver tone hematite.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

Infused with spells to remove aura imperfections and blockages.

Everyone has an aura, a beautiful mixture of coloured energies that float around us like a cloud.

Sometimes this cloud is invisible to everyone, and at other times it can be seen, especially by the eyes of someone with the gift of spiritual vision.

Sometimes our auras can become riddled with imperfections that can restrict the flow of this personal energy, and this can cause all kinds of problems.

When our aura is 'dirty' it can stop us from experiencing positive feelings.

It can block us from the effects of magick.

It can create feelings of sadness and desperation.

Our psychic abilities can become blocked and our general sense of well being becomes lost.

An aura that has been filled with imperfections can result in grumpiness, aggression, a lack of patience and a loss of energy, both physical and emotional.

The spell within this piece is designed to cleanse your aura and to remove the imperfections that have built up over time.

This will result in a free flow of your personal energy and a fresh start for you and your aura!

So mote it be!

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