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Binding Spell Bracelet

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Binding Spell Bracelet

A beautiful bracelet made with high quality glass beads, tibetan silver and agate.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

Infused during the dark moon phase.

To help repel negative energies or black magick which has been directed to you by the work of another.

Fight off your enemies with magick!

The binding spell within this piece has been cast to help eliminate the powers that your enemies might have over you.

It works towards fighting off the powers of any curses, hexes or other black magick that has been directed at you on a personal level.

It also helps to rebound any negative wishes and thoughts that are being directed at you by people that feel anger, hatred, jealousy or contempt towards you.

This piece has been infused during the dark moon phase.

Some people believe that when the moon is dark, magick should not be dabbled in, but as long as you have the correct knowledge of which spells to cast during each of the moon phases, this is a wonderful time to weave certain kinds of very powerful magick such as banishing magick.

So mote it be!

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