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Blodwyns Big Money Vessel - Money Magick

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Witch Blodwyns Arian Mawr Vessel

A pretty elasticated bracelet with hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This piece is infused with the spirit essence of a witch called Blodwyn.

She worked with our coven for many years before she passed into spirit in the year 1997.

Blodwyn was known as a wealth weaver in our local area because she was particularly successful in casting money spells!

She wrote her own spell which she called the Arian Mawr spell, which translates into 'big/great money' and it brought great results for hundreds of our local clients over the years.

By owning this vessel, you will not only be connecting with the lovely Blodwyn,  you will also be experiencing her big money spell for yourself, because we have infused the very same spell into the item with Blodwyns help!

Blodwyn has asked us to pass on a message to the new keeper of this vessel - 

'I long to be a part of your life, I want to be your friend so that we can share a special bond together and find ways to make your life better.

We can be good company for each other and I can help you to achieve great things as long as you trust me'

Simply wear this piece or keep it close to you to make a strong connection to Blodwyn.

So mote it be!

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