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Branwen Morgan - Celtic Goddess Magick

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Branwen Morgan Celtic Goddess Vessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with green aventurine, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This vessel will be worn by Holly during the next 'Branwen Morgan' rituals at our touch of of spirit coven gathering.

During these rituals we call upon the spirit of a Welsh witch by the name of Branwen Morgan, who was a member of our coven many moons ago before passing into spirit.

The essence of Branwens spirit will be infused into this vessel via Hollys body which acts as a transference vessel during these rituals. 

Branwen was a summoner of the celtic Goddesses Ceridwen, Aeronwen, Blodeuwedd, Morrigan, Arianrhod and several others.

Branwen knew that by blending the magickal energies of each of these aspects of the Goddess, a powerful and unstoppable force would be created to deal with the most challenging of problems.

Once you have connected with Branwen she can look deep within your heart and soul, she will know what causes you emotional turmoil, she will see the challenges that you face and she will use her magick to summon the celtic goddesses in whichever combination she needs to in order to help you and bring you the outcomes that you need at any given time.

Between these amazing celtic aspects of the Goddess you will have access to all kinds of magick when you need it most.

These aspects of the Goddess combine warriors, healers, guides, comforters, opportunity creators, love conjurers, protectors, curse breakers, strength givers, obstacle removers, wisdom bringers and so much more.

Branwen will know exactly which combination of celtic Goddess she needs to summon in order to help you, perhaps a love goddess combined with a warrior goddess to fight a love related battle for you.

Maybe a protector and a guide to make sure to deal with a difficult situation in the best way.

Perhaps a healer combined with a comforter to lift your mood and help you to feel better on days where you are feeling lost and alone. 

Branwen is kind, caring and very intuitive, so you can trust her to know exactly what you need, and to do her best to help you in any way she can. 

So mote it be! 

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