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Catia 'fae Seeker' Witch Spirit Companion Vessel - Fairy Magick

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Witch Catia Fae seeker spirit vessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with aqua agate, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Catia Fae Seeker.

Catia worked with our coven for many years before she passed over in 2008.

Catia had a passion for what she called woodland magick.

She shared a very close bond with the fae folk, and she would spend hours at a time sitting in the woods, casting spells, meditating and interacting with fairies, elves, tree spirits and any other woodland energy that came her way.

Catia had such a strong connection with the fae that they would help her with her rituals, giving great energy and power to her castings.

Catia would harness the energy of the fairy folk to a vessel, such as a piece of jewellery or a crystal, and this would create a bond between the keeper of the vessel and the fairy that had given its energy during the ritual.

Catia still works with the energies of the woodland from within the spirit realm, and she is delighted to work with our coven to provide you with some amazing fairy vessels!

This piece contains the spirit essence of Witch Catia, which is a wonderful energy to keep close to you - she is friendly and affectionate and nurturing, she will enjoy being close to you so that she can watch over you and guide you in any way she can.

But the truly magickal thing about this vessel is that it will also create a bond between you and your own personal fairy energy.

As soon as Catia knows who the new keeper of this vessel is, she will call forward a member of her fae family to connect with you via this vessel.

Once this has been done she will tell us the name of your fairy energy, and we will pass this name on to you along with your vessel.

You must keep the name of your fairy a secret, this is because part of the spell relies on you using your fairies name to create the bond.

When you receive your vessel, you will also receive the name of your fairy and a little verse that Catia has given us for you to connect with your fairy energy.

Once this bond has been made you can make wishes to your fairy simply by holding the vessel and calling your fairy by its name and then making your wish.

Catia has told us that your wishes should be for the greater good, they should be aimed at enhancing your life and bringing positive new experiences.

Your wishes must be harmless to others and must not attempt to change a persons free will.

You can also make wishes on behalf of others.

Your fairy energy will listen to your wish and do what needs to be done in order to bring you the outcome you seek.

Wishes are unlimited!

Catia also wants to make it known that by owning this piece, you are not 'owning' a fairy.

You are making a bond with your own personal fairy energy, and your fairy will work magickally with you and only you - but the fairy is giving part of its essence to this vessel, the fairy is not bound to the vessel.

This is the way Catia prefers to work.

Simply hold this vessel or wear it and read out the words of the connection ritual that we will send you and let the magick of the fairies enhance your life!

So mote it be!

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