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Danza - Female Vampire Warrior Witch

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Female Vampire Warrior Witch Danza Spirit Vessel

A pretty handmade elasticated bracelet with hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This vessel has been infused with the spirit essence of a female vampire warrior witch by the name of Danza.

I have chosen an image that most closely represents the appearance of this spirit companion when they step forward to work with my coven.

We asked Danza to use her own words to describe how she will work with her human companions and this is what she told us -

'Embrace my vampire magick and your life will never be the same again.

I am a true warrior in every way you can imagine, and my mission will be to fight by your side whenever you need me. 

The flaming sword you see me carry is a symbol of my immense power to protect you and act as your warrior when you need me to eliminate the dark forces at play in your life.

Whoever seeks to dampen your spirit or send pain and suffering your way will never be successful in their attacks upon you, for I will burn away their hateful energies, leaving you to stand with your head held high in victory. 

Enemies will retreat, dark forces will be diminished and you will feel safe and secure at all times once we have made our connection' 

 So mote it be! 

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