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Dorothea Grey Witch Companion Vessel - Sexual Attraction Magick

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A gorgeous sterling silver ring set with simulated diamonds.


This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Dorothea Grey.

Dorothea was a member of our coven all her life until she passed into spirit in 2001.

Dorothea was not your typical witch!

Some people did not understand her chosen lifestyle because she was a truly free spirit and she enjoyed having several lovers in her life at the same time!

The truth is that men would simply fall at her feet because she had the power to take the inner beauty that resided within her, and transform it into an irresistible energy that men drooled over!

Dorothea is eager to connect with you so that she can surround you with a very powerful kind of magickal energy which will act as a magnet for attention from the opposite sex!

If you want to feel sexy and desirable, then this is the vessel for you!

Dorothea has told us that she wants to help you get lots of positive attention,  to draw people to you in a positive way, but only in ways that you are comfortable with.

If you want people to find you attractive and to seek out your attention, then Dorothea is the perfect companion for you.

This doesnt mean that you will have a string of admirers following you as you walk down the street, but you will certainly turn some heads and feel that ego boost as you realise that you are becoming more popular with the opposite sex!

This isnt just about having 'that kind' of attention, Dorotheas magick will attract new platonic friends, and it will help people to notice you in all kinds of ways.

This can lead to all kinds of positive interactions, such as job promotion, new friendships, a better social life and so much more!


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