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Ebony Shadow - Morrigan Magick

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Witch Ebony Shadow Spirit Vessel

This is a lovely elasticated bracelet with hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This magickal vessel contains the spirit essence of a witch called Ebony Shadow.

Ebony was a very well respected spell weaver who took part in our coven gatherings whenever she had the opportunity until she passed into spirit in 2006.

Ebony was mostly a solo practitioner, and she was very passionate about her craft, she could often be seen dancing sky clad during her dark moon rituals!

Her craft name comes from the fact that Ebony was an expert in dark moon Morrigan magick.

Ebony would be the perfect spirit companion for anyone that needs powerful magickal assistance to put things right.

The Morrigan is an aspect of the Goddess that deals with unfair situations, battles and justice.

Are you going through some kind of dispute or legal battle?

Is someone deliberately making your life difficult?

Is someone directing negative energy towards you?

Perhaps there is an outside influence, a person in your life that is trying to change the way someone feels about you?

Are you being treated unfairly by a person or an organisation?

Is there someone at work that has a bad attitude towards you?

Do you feel as if you are losing a battle because you just don't have the energy and strength to fight by yourself?

Ebony can help you by channeling the power of the Morrigan towards a specific person or situation.

This isn't about revenge.

This does not violate the rule of three.

This isn't about causing harm to anyone.

This is simply about arming yourself with the power and protection of a powerful witch, and sharing in her connection with the Morrigan!

The Morrigan will look at any situation or person that is causing you problems and then things will be dealt with in the way that the Morrigan chooses.

Nobody will be harmed, the situation will simply be dealt with in a way that is fair and in tandem with justice!

Ebony wants to ensure that you are protected and watched over.

Ebony wants to connect with you and ensure that she helps you with any challenging situations that come your way.

Let Ebony bond with your and stand by your side during lifes battles - you don't have to be alone.

Please dont confuse dark moon magick with black magick!

The dark moon is simply another phase of the moon, the perfect time to summon the Morrigan and to banish negative influences from you life.

Ebony is a very talkative spirit and she likes to make her presence known in gentle and subtle ways, so you might experience whisperings or tingles or black feathers in your dreams etc, these are a symbol of the Morrigan.

Simply hold this piece or wear it and your bond with Ebony Shadow and her Morrigan magick will be created, never to be broken.

So mote it be!

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