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Gypsy Witch Simza - Manifestation Magick

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Gypsy Witch SimzaVessel

A beautiful elasticated bracelet with hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This vessel will be worn by Holly during the next 'Simza' summoning ritual at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Hollys body will act as a magickal transference tool for the essence of gypsy witch Simza, and so this vessel will be intensely energised with her powers.

As a gypsy witch Simza has amazing energies, so uplifting and effervescent, you will never feel alone while she is around! 

Simza has the following message for her potential companions - 

'Joy and hope and satisfaction are my gifts to you, I will never give up until we have achieved your dreams and desires, even if they seem out of reach and beyond your grasp.

You might feel like giving up at times, but while I am your friend I will never let that happen - you want the things you want for a reason, if they weren't important to you, you would not seek them out, and whatever is important to you is important to me.

Once we have joined together in union, I can understand your needs and desires, I can take you strongest emotions and use them to manifest a power that is greater than you would ever imagine.

Your raw emotion combined with my magick will bring down the highest walls, it will banish the most cunning enemy, it will reveal the deepest of emotions, it will demolish the biggest obstacles and it will gather momentum until the job is done and the outcome has been secured.

Whatever your heart years for, whatever you dream about, whoever you long for, whatever you seek to achieve, I will make it my mission to create a force of magick that will not stop until your happiness is complete'

So mote it be! 

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