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Imogen Watsons Waxing Wealth Vessel

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Witch Imogen Watsons Waxing Wealth Vessel

A lovely elasticated bracelet with tigers eye, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This piece is infused with the spirit essence of a witch called Imogen Watson

She worked with our coven for several years before she passed into spirit in the year 1989.

Imogen specialised in wealth and success magick that she always practised when the moon was waxing, getting bigger and more intense.

She created her own spell which she called the waxing wealth spell and now she would like to share this powerful magick with you.

By owning this vessel, you will not only be connecting with the lovely Imogen,  you will also be experiencing her waxing wealth spell for yourself, because we have infused the very same spell into the item with Imogens help!

This spell is designed to bring you the following -




You might find that you experience several smaller financial flurries or a larger windfall.

You might find that your riches come from job promotion or a new rewarding opportunity.

Imogen will bring you whatever is right for you at that time in your life.

So mote it be!

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