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Lucas Darklore Male Vampire Witch

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Lucas Darklore Male Vampire Witch

A gorgeous handmade elasticated bracelet with hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This lovely vessel has been infused with the essence of a male vampire witch by the name of Lucas Darklore.

He presents himself to us in his physical form with dark hair and hypnotic hazel eyes.

We asked Lucas to use his own words to explain how he will work with his human companions, and these are his exact words -

'I intend to seduce you in every way until I am in your thoughts much of the time, I want us to share such a deep connection that can not be broken by anyone or anything.

Once our bond is complete I will serve your needs in any way I can using my ancient vampyric magick to bring you a successful conclusion to all that you embark upon.

Call to me at night when you lie still in your bed, share with me all that you desire and let me make it so.

I only want to satisfy you and make you feel special, think of me as your willing and able magickal servant, for I know that you will not regret making this connection with me.

I will cloak you from harm, I will watch you by day, doing all I can to shield you and guide you to successful ventures and then I shall visit you in your dreams by night.

Invite me to come as close to you as you are comfortable with and we will enjoy each others company.

Let me do all I can to make you happy and content.' 

I have chosen an image that closely represents the way in which the companion visually presents themselves to us during our rituals.

So mote it be! 

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