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Lunar Lafant - Witch Spirit Companion

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Witch Lunar Lafant Spirit Vessel

A pretty bracelet with hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Lunar Lafant.

Lunar Lafant was the High Priestess of our coven back in the 1930's.

Her name relates to her extremely strong bond with the moon Goddess and also her love of lavender.

When Lunar connects with us we always notice the strong scent of lavender, and when that happens we know that something magickal is about to happen!

Lunar is one of the most well respected and loved High Priestesses that we ever had.

Her love of the moon goddess was extremely intense and her full moon castings yielded some of the most powerful results know to our coven.

Lunar can create a special bond between you and the moon goddess, once this bond is created you will be so much more receptive to moon magick.

It will enhance the results of your moon magick spells, and it will allow you to receive such wonderful full moon energies each month - directly through this vessel!

Wear this piece to awaken the lunar goddess that lies within you, awaken your confidence, release your fears, lift your mood, attract positive new people and experiences into your life.

Lunar is also very passionate about spiritual development in others and so she can use her own extremely powerful gifts to enhance yours.

Wearing this vessel will help to enhance your own psychic gifts - to open your third eye, to strengthen the connection between you and your spirit guides, to enhance your meditations, to aid with your astral projections, to enhance your sixth sense, to awaken your instincts and to make you more open to the wonders of spirit and magick.

Simply hold this vessel or wear it and your bond with Lunar Lafant and her moon magick will be created, never to be broken.

So mote it be!

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