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Maer Witch Spirit - Wealth & Success

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Witch Maer Spirit Vessel

A pretty elasticated bracelet with green shimmer hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This lovely vessel contains the spirit essence of a witch called Maer.

She was a highly valued and much loved member of our coven before she passed into spirit in 1959.

Maer was a very powerful spell weaver and her main focus was on wealth magick and success spells. 

Maer is so excited to come and reside with you, to watch over you and to become a part of your life.

She often speaks to us about the joy she feels at the prospect of changing someones life with her magick!

Maer has told us that she hopes to bring the new owner of this vessel some very positive changes.

Simply hold this vessel or wear it and your bond with Maer will be created, never to be broken.

Maer will then be able to connect with your personal energies so that she can use her powers to bring you whatever she feels you need.

Perhaps she will sense your worry about finances and so she can help to ease your worries by bringing you some kind of windfall or promotion at work.

Maybe Maer will feel your frustration with a situation that is making problems for you and so she will remove obstacles that stand in your path and help to make things better.

Welcome Maer into your life as a companion and let her change your life for the better!

So mote it be!

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