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Morrigan Magick Spell Bracelet

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Morrigan Magick Spell Bracelet

Hand crafted using garnet, tibetan silver and high quality glass beads.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

This very special piece has been infused with spells to call upon the Morrigan for help with any situations where you have been treated badly by another person.

The Morrigan is a triple goddess of justice and battle.

Keep this piece close to you to call upon the power of the Morrigan to fight for you and put things right.

This isnt about revenge, this is about leaving the decision in the mighty hands of the Morrigan, so that the outcome will be fair and just without you having to do anything.

Perfect for when you need help to deal with someone that has hurt you deeply or acted terribly towards you or your loved ones.

This is also an ideal piece for helping with legal issues.

The Morrigan will decide the outcome in accordance with what is fair and just.

So mote it be!

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