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Psychic Vampire Defense Bracelet

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Psychic Vampire Defense Spell Bracelet

Hand crafted using hematite, tibetan silver and high quality glass beads.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

Before you think we have gone completely mad, we aren't talking about blood sucking monsters from Transylvania!

We are talking about the 'psychic vampires' in your life that drain your energy and make you feel emotionally and physically lethargic without even realising that they are doing it.

Do you have people in your life that constantly talk about their own problems, moaning at you for hours on end about how bad their life is?

Do you know someone that depends on you for everything on an emotional level?

Have you encountered someone that makes you feel uncomfortable and out of sorts for no apparent reason, other than 'they just don't seem right'?

Do you feel that you spend most of your time doing things for other people without having any time to relax or do the things that you want to do for yourself?

Is there someone that seems to have taken a dislike to you, creating a bad atmosphere when you are in each others company?

Is there someone in your life that makes you feel vulnerable and defenseless, almost as if they have some kind of hold over you?

If any of these things apply to you - you have been the victim of a psychic vampire!

This vessel has been infused by our coven with a SHIELDING SPELL which will deflect these attacks and keep your energy levels safe without harming the 'vampire'.

It might not stop the person from acting the way that they do, but you will be protected from the effects of their behaviour.

Our energy is the essence of who we are, and when it becomes drained by outside influences it can have a very negative effect on the way that we feel and the way that we act.

It can even affect our health, making us feel run down and more susceptible to illness and depression.

Wear this piece to protect yourself from these outside influences and to maintain your psychic strength and energy.

So mote it be!

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