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Raven Darkmoon Witch Spirit Companion Vessel - Protection Spells

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A gorgeous sterling silver ring set with simulated diamond and garnet quartz.


This lovely vessel contains the spirit essence of a witch called Raven Darkmoon.

Although Raven wasn't a permanent member of our coven, she would often join us and take part in our coven gatherings until she passed into spirit in 2006.

Raven was quite a mysterious witch,  her style was very gothic and she looked quite vampyric with her long jet black hair and her crimson lips, but her work was always for the good of others, never to cause harm or negativity.

Raven regularly connects with us since she passed into spirit, her energy is very intense and can be felt by each coven member while her spirit is with us.

Raven loved to work with the Goddess Hecate, and we thought it would be a wonderful chance to infuse some of this dark moon Hecate magick into a spirit companion jewellery piece.

By becoming the keeper of this item you will be benefiting from Ravens extremely intense protective magick.

She will surround you with a cloak of magickal energy that will keep you safe from negative vibes.

If there are people in your life that could be wishing you harm of having negative thoughts about you, Raven will deflect these energies away from you so that they dont have an impact on your life.

Raven will also create a very special bond between you and the Goddess Hecate.

So whenever you find an obstacle in your path, simply hold this piece and talk to Raven.

If you feel that you deserve a certain outcome to a problematic situation, tell Raven and she will work with the great dark goddess to bring you a solution.

Whenever you feel a bit lost or in need of guidance, connect with Raven, and as your spirit companion she will help you to come to the right decision, she will show you the way forward.

Raven would be a wonderful spirit companion for anyone that feels an affinity with Hecate, or for anyone that needs protection and magickal assistance to make their life more positive and productive.

Simply hold this piece or wear it and your bond with Raven and her dark moon magick will be created, never to be broken.


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