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Rosie Rees - Love Magick

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Witch Rosie Rees Spirit Vessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with rose quartz, tibetan silver and glass beads.

We have infused this vessel with the spirit essence of a witch by the name of Rosie Rees.

Rosie was a member of our coven back in the 1960's and her spirit has frequently come through to us during our coven gatherings for many years.

We are not sure when Rosie passed into spirit, but we know that she was a very prominent sister of our coven and she specialised in love magick.

Rosies magick works from all angles, and also works from deep within your spirit to get to the heart of your love issues.

Rosie will bring the keeper of this piece the following magickal energies -

LOVE FOR YOURSELF - until you learn to love yourself, others will struggle to know and love the real you.

LOVE OF LIFE - to help you to truly understand, appreciate and love the blessings in your life.

LOVE OF OTHERS - to help you lower any walls that have been built around your heart, allowing you to truly love others without a barrier.

ACCEPTANCE OF LOVE - to truly accept love from those that want to give it to you.

LOVE ATTRACTION - to attract true love into your life if you don't already have that special someone.

LOVE REVIVAL - to rekindle feelings of love between you and another person where things have gone a bit stale.

LOVE BONDING - to strengthen the bonds of love between you and a another person where there have been obstacles or problems in the relationship.

Rosie will connect with your own energies and so she will only bring you the help that you personally need, she will bring you the magickal energy that is relevant to YOU!

Simply wear this piece to enjoy all its energies - connect with Rosie and her love magick!

So mote it be!

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