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Sabinia - Moonbeam Angel

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Moonbeam Angel Sabinia

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with white agate, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This lovely vessel has been infused with the essence of what we call a 'moonbeam angel'.

These amazing creatures have visited our coven during our night time gatherings for decades, and we call then moonbeam angels because we see them flying around us as shadows against the background of the magickal moonlight.

We have been infusing vessels with the essence of these beautiful angels for several years now with great results.

This moonbeam angels name is Sabinia and she will connect with you via this vessel to bring you so many positive changes.

She will calm your mind, sooth you, comfort you during troubling times.

She will surround your home with an angelic cloak of protection to prevent any dark energies from working their way into your home.

You can also expect to experience increased energy levels, aura cleansing, mood balancing, inner peace and serenity.

As a moonbeam angel Sabinia will be more active at night, so take your vessel outdoors when the moon is high in the sky and talk to her - you might just see her shadow dancing in the moonlight!

You can ask Sabinia to help you with problems, to guide you and help you make important decisions.

Ask her for protection when you face a challenging situation or a person that might wish you harm.

Sabinia will also enhance the relationships in your life, strengthening and repairing friendships and bringing harmony and closeness between you and the people that are important to you.

If you find it a bit difficult to make new friends, Sabinia can help attract positive new people into your life too.

I have chosen an image that closely represents the way in which the companion visually presents themselves to us during our rituals.

So mote it be! 

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