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Sapphire Skye - Powerful Healing Magick

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Witch Sapphire Skye Spirit Vessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet with sodalite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Sapphire Skye.

Sapphire was a much loved sister of our coven until she passed into spirit in 1990.

Although Sapphire wasn't a permanent member of our coven, she would often join us and take part in our coven gatherings because she felt a real connection with us and our magick!

Sapphire was a simply beautiful person, both inside and out.

She had the bluest eyes I have ever seen, so intense and vibrant, I always remember thinking that she could see deep into my very soul and I was right!

Sapphire wore blue velvet robes, used an array of blue crystals and even coloured her naturally blonde hair with shades of silvery blue!

Sapphire is a wonderful spirit companion to have by your side, she is vibrant yet gentle - her voice is like a floating whisper that makes you feel so peaceful and serene.

Sapphire is a natural healer, she will sooth your soul and heal you from the inside out.

She is nurturing and caring, always looking for ways to make peoples lives more peaceful and calm and balanced.

Sapphire wants to wash away the blockages and impurities that cloud your aura.

She wants to remove the negative energies that can have such an impact on your day to day life.

By forming a bond with Sapphire, you can let her sooth you and heal you when you are feeling emotionally or physically unwell.

She can release the tensions that have built up within you, she can ease your worries and absorb your stresses.

If you feel sad, drained, unfocused, lost, bewildered, generally worn down and imbalanced, Sapphire can get you back on track with her loving and nurturing energies.

Simply hold this vessel or wear it and your bond with Sapphire and her healing magick will be created, never to be broken.

So mote it be!

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