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Scarlet Moon - Confidence Spells

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Witch Scarlet Moon Spirit Vessel

A lovely elasticated bracelet with fuchsia jade, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This highly energised piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet was a popular and well respected member of our coven until she passed into spirit just a few years ago.

Scarlet was an extremely vibrant woman, she did not care what anyone thought of her, possibly one of the most confident people I have ever encountered!

You would never overlook Scarlet in a crowded room, her short cropped hair was always coloured blood red, her lips were always glossy with crimson lipstick and her clothes were usually a combination of red and black velvet.

Scarlet often connects with us since her passing, she presents herself initially as a swirling grey mist and then we see her in her spirit form as beautiful as ever, and still adorned in vibrant red robes!

Scarlet is very eager to connect with you.

We were going to describe how she could help you, but Scarlet, in her usual manner, insisted that we use her words!

'There is no doubt that I can help you - I do not offer wealth or love - I offer you the ability to shine'

'If you lack the confidence to stand up and pursue your dreams, then you need me by your side'

'If you sometimes sit back and allow things to happen rather than taking control, I can help you.'

'I will delve deep within your psyche - I will find the confident and dynamic woman that resides within you - and I will release her into reality.'

Scarlet knows that we all have the ability to be strong and confident and powerful, but sometimes this ability gets locked up and it needs help to break free.

You dont have to be arrogant or aggressive to achieve your full potential, you just need to unlock this power that lies within you.

Scarlet wants to bring new opportunities into your life, she wants you to advance to the highest levels in everything you do, she wants to help you to fly!

This highly energised vessel with create a bond between you and Scarlet and this is how the magick will begin to flow.

If you feel that your life is dull, problematic, stagnant or pointless, Scarlet can gradually change all that.

If you feel that you are being left behind while others are achieving their goals and living their dreams, Scarlet can help to put that right.

Every single aspect of your life can be enhanced as long as you have this inner strength, charisma, confidence and self belief.

You can shine like a star instead of wilting like a wallflower!

So mote it be!

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