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Shadow Blaster Spell Bracelet

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Shadow Blaster Spell Bracelet

A lovely elasticated bracelet with gorgeous glass beads, tibetan silver and snow quartz.

Infused with spells to blast the shadows and help you walk into the light!

Do you feel that you are living your life in the shadows?

Do you suffer with negative emotions or feelings of fear and anxiety?

Do you constantly feel that something is holding you back and preventing you from getting the best out of life?

Many of us feel that we are living under a dark cloud, merely existing rather than living life to the full.

Sometimes this is due to sadness, depression, fear and worry.

Sometimes it is due to lack of confidence and self belief.

It can also be caused by people and situations that are holding us back.

Whatever has put you in the shadows, the magick within this piece can help to release you.

Wear this piece to re-connect with the person that you are meant to be!

Let the magickal energies surround you, filling you with strength and courage so that you can begin to remove the obstacles in your life and step into the light!

We aren't saying that this piece is a cure for any medical issues that you may have, but we believe that this piece can work along with conventional treatments to make you feel brighter.

If there are people and situations that are keeping you in the shadows, this piece can help you to break free and find a way to be yourself again.

If your problem is a lack of confidence and self belief, then you can wear this piece to gain a greater respect for yourself and to increase your confidence so that you feel ready to face the world once again.

So mote it be!

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