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Sophia Jenkins - Dark Energy Removal

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Sophia Jenkins Spirit Vessel

A pretty elasticated bracelet with matte aquamarine, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a Welsh witch named Sophia Jenkins.

Sophia was a member of our coven until she passed into spirit in 1983.

Sophia is a very animated spirit, she presents herself in flashes of green and silver light, and she also likes to make herself heard, especially when she feels your attention should be on her and her alone - so dont be surprised if you hear her voice calling to you or singing to get your attention!

In her original human form, Sophia had a rather unique appearance, she would wear leather corsets and flowing velvet skirts with the highest heels I have ever seen!

Her style was vibrant and sensual and her hair was dark and flowing with auburn flashes.

I remember seeing her performing her rituals, and her arms would reach to the stars, her hair would be flowing in the wind and she would literally scream to the powers that be with such passion as she weaved her magick.

Sophias spirit energy is all about releasing your inner demons and ridding your soul of the dark energy that is preventing you from experiencing positive changes.

If you feel that you can be your own worst enemy at times by making bad decisions, reacting to people in the wrong way and not making the most of what life has to offer, then the chances are you are harbouring an inner darkness that has built up over time.

This doesn't mean that you are a bad person, it just means that you are a prisoner to the negativity that has been created by the bad experiences you have had.

Each time you have been hurt or treated badly, a portion of negative energy can sometimes attach itself to you, holding you back and creating an inner 'demon' that stops you from moving on and finding the happiness that you deserve.

Sophia wants to smash that darkness away, she wants to reach inside your soul and strip away the darkness.

Sophia wants to be your companion so that she can guide you and help you to make better decisions, to watch over you and encourage you to make the right choices and the react in the right way when certain situations crop up.

With Sophias help you can rid yourself of this inner darkness and you can finally stop being your own worst enemy.

Simply keep this vessel close to you and welcome Sophia into your world and let her power do the rest!

So mote it be!

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