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Soul Retrieval Spell Bracelet

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Soul retrieval spell bracelet

A beautiful elasticated bracelet made with high quality glass beads, tibetan silver and pink quartz.

Sometimes when something terrible happens, the connection between our body and our soul becomes damaged, and we experience a 'lost soul'.

This is our spiritual way of defending our sanity and our safety.

The soul just can't take the pain and the suffering, so it detaches itself and leaves the body behind, sometimes temporarily, sometimes for much longer periods of time.

It all depends on how bad the damage is, and how quickly the soul can heal.

There are many experiences that can make our soul drift away from us.

Childhood abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse.

Divorce, separation, loss of a loved one.

Intense physical injury or illness.

Witnessing something terrible.

Any one of these things can be enough to push our soul away from us, leaving us empty and without purpose.


Without our soul we don't have the strength or the courage or the enthusiasm to make good things happen in our lives.

Without our soul we have no sense of hope of positivity.

We don't even know why we feel this way, it's not like you can actually 'see' your soul sliding away from you.

But what can we do about this?

This vessel has been infused by my coven with powerful spells to call your soul back to you.

There is no physical way of telling if your soul is lost, but if you have been through some kind of trauma and you have been left feeling as though something is 'missing' then the chances are, you need to start fighting to get your soul back.

The energies in this piece will gently encourage the rift to heal, so that your soul feels safe enough to come back to you.

You won't suddenly forget the bad things that you have experienced, but when you soul is retrieved, you will start to feel as if there is hope.

You will feel brighter and more optimistic about the future.

You will feel as if your life has purpose again, and this is what we want to help you achieve.

The timescale on retrieving the soul will vary from person to person, as this is a very personal situation, but wearing this item will start the process so that you can get your life back on track with the help of our magick.

So mote it be!

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