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Tidal Wave Love Spell Bracelet

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Full Moon Tidal Wave Love Spell Bracelet

Full moon power for ultimate love magick!

A beautiful elasticated bracelet made with bronze tone hematite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

If you seem to attract the wrong type of man time after time, then this item can help break that cycle.

If you have been in a relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, then this piece can help give things a nudge into something more serious and committed.

If you have been alone for a while and you are now ready to find someone special, but you aren't sure how to meet someone, this piece can help attract that special someone to you.

Are you married and stuck in a rut?

You don't want to leave your husband but you are desperate for a bit of romance or excitement.

This piece can help with that too.

This is all about inviting a nice big tidal wave of positive love energy into your life!

Try to keep this piece close to you as often as you can to keep the connection strong.

Bring on the tidal wave of love!

The magick within this piece is designed to stir things up in your love life!

By owning this pretty piece you are surrounding yourself with an invisible aura which lets your potential love interests know you are ready for some serious love action!

Use this piece to embrace a huge tidal wave of magick that can change your life for the better.

This piece uses powerful moon magick to create these positive changes, and so the Moon Goddess will be at hand to bring you exactly what you need.

The Goddess knows what you need and She will help you to make things better.

Just as the moon controls the flow of the sea, the Goddess will control the flow of your love life, so use this item to bring that wave of love!

This piece was blessed along with several other specially chosen items during a very special gathering at our spell casting site on the beach!

These rituals are incredible nights of magick-making during which we stand barefoot on the sand, connecting ourselves with the forces of nature, holding hands in a circle as the energies of the magick realm flow around us!

The sea rises in waves as we perform our ancient ritual, and the cones of power that we raise are extremely intense!

So mote it be!

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