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Twin Flame Spirit Vessel - Potent Love Magick

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Twin flame Summoning Spirit Vessel

A gorgeous elasticated bracelet made with rose gold toned hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Taryn Parker.

Taryn was a solitary witch but she worked with our coven from time to time, especially during the Sabbats and special occasions until she passed into spirit in 2004.

Taryn was known locally as 'Taryn Twin Flame' because she specialised in love magick, specifically the summoning of twin flames.

Finding your twin flame in any lifetime can be very difficult, because it is so hard to tell if you are meant to be with someone of not!  

Sometimes we think that we have found our twin flame, only to discover that this is not the case!

Your twin flame goes beyond a soul mate, it is like finding the missing other half of yourself so that you can be complete and whole.

When you meet with your twin flame and you connect properly you will be fulfilled in every way - emotionally, physically, spiritually.

We asked Taryn to explain how she can help you, and these are the words she used -

'You and your twin flame have been together before, maybe in this lifetime, maybe many lifetimes ago, but you were separated and now you need to be reunited so that you can be bonded for eternity.

Sometimes when you meet with your twin flame, things go wrong because you have both been through different things and these different life experiences can cause obstacles in your relationship.

I can summon your twin flame.

I can reunite you.

I can remove obstacles that stand between you.

I can weave my magick around you and your twin flame to help you come together in love and harmony and happiness.

I can create an invisible magnet between you, helping you to understand each others needs and to help you both to work at making each other happy and fulfilling your destiny together as twin flames burning bright for eternity'

Taryn wants to make it clear that being with your twin flame can take time, everything has to be 'just right' in order for you to be together, and there are usually lessons that need to be learned or experiences that need to be had in order for you and your twin flame to be 'ready' for each other.

So there is no way of putting an accurate time scale on this, its not a love spell aimed at finding you someone special within a certain period of time, it's about setting things in motion to gradually bring you and your twin flame together, and this can not be rushed!

Let Taryn help you to ignite the double flame of love!

Perhaps your twin flame is already in your life but you are struggling to connect with each other.

Maybe you havent encountered your twin flame in this lifetime yet.

Let Taryn twin flame weave her magick for you.

Simply hold this vessel or wear it and your bond with Taryn and her twin flame magick will be created, never to be broken.

So mote it be!

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