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Twist Of Fate Spell Bracelet

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Twist Of Fate Bracelet

A pretty elasticated bracelet with hematite, tibetan silver and high quality glass beads.

This bracelet has been infused with an ancient fate twisting spell which is designed to open doors that might have been closed to you because of wrong choices that have been made along the way.

Although we all have a destiny that has been chosen for us by the powers that be, sometimes we alter the course of our own fate by making a bad decision.

We will all reach our ultimate destiny eventually, but this can be delayed by our own actions and choices, and many smaller but equally wonderful opportunities are missed along the way.

The spell within this vessel will help to bring you the positive outcomes that would have been yours and that you didn't even know you had missed!

So if you feel that your life has been held back and if you sometimes daydream about 'what if?' then this spell bracelet could bring you some nice surprises.

It will also help you to avoid makes bad choices in the future to stop more doors from being closed in your face!

Maybe you were meant to have met someone special had you been in the right place at the right time, but you decided not to go out that day.

Perhaps you were meant to have landed your dream job but you chose not to buy the paper that day so you missed the job advert.

Little decisions can have a huge impact on our lives!

You could have already missed out on some very positive experiences, so why not give your fate a little twist and see what it brings you?

So mote it be!

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