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New! - Ultimate Dark Goddess Awaken My Gifts Bracelet

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There are 3 important things to remember about my Samhain spell infused items-

1. Each piece will be infused by my coven during the Samhain Sabbat gathering on 31st October - so although you are purchasing your item now, it will not be posted to you until after Samhain.

2. These pieces will be more intense than usual because they are being magickally infused during a time when the veil that hangs between our world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest - so you might experience sensations of tingling, slight light headedness etc but this will wear off as you get more accustomed to the energies within the item.

3. My Samhain items tend to sell out really quickly and there is a limit to the amount of pieces that we can infuse in one night, so get your items before they disappear for another year!


A lovely bracelet made with mottled agate, tibetan silver and glass beads.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

While the veil between us and the spirit realms is at its thinnest, we will work with the energies of the Dark Goddesses Hecate and Lilith to boldly yet gently bring you ultimate spiritual awakening!

Allow these mighty Dark Goddesses to open your third eye wide!

Let them draw you and your spirit companions /guides closer together than ever before.

Allow them to enhance your senses, increase your ability to hear and see and feel spirit around you, helping you to correctly sense the intentions of other people, and to follow your sixth sense at all times. 

Your own magickal practices can be greatly enhanced, spell work, meditation, astral projection, tarot, pendulum work will all become more natural to you as your gifts grow with the help of Hecate and Lilith!

We look forward to connecting with you on this amazing night of magick making!


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