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Vampire Witch Akantha Rose - Dark Goddess Magick

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Vampire Witch Akantha Rose - Dark Goddess Vessel

A beautiful elasticated bracelet with hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This vessel will be worn by Holly during the next Akantha Rose summoning ritual at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Akantha Rose is an extremely intense and powerful vampire witch, whose magickal method involves summoning the energies of the dark goddesses for potent power and immense change.

Akantha Rose is fiercely protective and loyal, she does not tolerate any kind of attack upon her companions, and will deliver quite a magickal blow to those that seek to cause you harm in any way, although she will not cause pain or loss, your attacker will think twice before coming after you again!

Akantha has the following message for her potential companions - 

'Revel with me in the bold embrace of the Dark Goddess, let Her dance around you, shielding you from harm and obliterating all that controls you and holds you back.

Take a brave step towards me, embrace the darker elements of your psyche, understand that without darkness there can be no light, walk with me in the warmth of power and strength and victory.

My vampire magick combined with the power of the dark goddess is an unstoppable force, a mighty shield and a powerful sword that will be used in any battles you may face.

Justice will be yours, power will be yours, you will be the winner of the war!

Walk on the dark side with me, watch as I destroy obstacles and keep you safe, witness my dark determination to bring you what you deserve and desire' 

So mote it be! 

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