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Willow Web Weaver - Witch Spirit Companion

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Witch Willow Web Weaver Spirit Vessel

A lovely elasticated bracelet with agate, glass beads and tibetan silver,

This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Willow Web Weaver.

She was a highly valued and much loved member of our coven before she passed into spirit in 1998.

Willow Web Weaver is a bit different to the other witch spirit companions, because she does not have a specialty for any one kind of magick, such as love or wealth or healing etc.

Willow was known as the 'web weaver' because our elders used to say that Willow could weave a web of white light magick that would surround a person and spread its magick throughout that persons life.

But instead of catching flies, Willows invisible web catches positive energy and keeps it flowing around each section of this magickal web, creating a force field of pure white magick!

Willow will connect with you through this vessel and she will begin to weave her web of white magick, gradually surrounding you day by day, month by month, bringing positive energies to you whenever she can.

We know of many people that have worked with Willow in the past, and we have been told they found themselves feeling generally brighter and happier.

People have experienced a huge variety of benefits from having this magickal web around them such as attracting new friends, improved relationships with family, mood uplift, solutions to old problems, feelings of hopefulness and renewed zest for life, increased energy levels, inspiration, enhanced focus and concentration, confidence, sharper senses and so much more!

Willows magick just seems to open the doors for positive energy in so many different ways!

So mote it be!

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