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Witch Pearl Moon - Powerful Problem Solving

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Witch Pearl MoonVessel

A beautiful elasticated bracelet with sodalite, tibetan silver and glass beads.

This vessel will be worn by Holly during the next 'Pearl Moon' summoning ritual at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Hollys body will act as a magickal transference tool for the essence of Witch Pearl Moon, and so this vessel will be intensely energised with her powers.

Pearl Moon is a very dedicated and determined spirit companion, having helped so many people during their darkest hour.

Pearl is a mighty problem solver, an obstacle remover and a change maker, but she is so much more than that, she seeks to bring light to the darkest situation, she searches the ultimate depths of your desires, tuning into your energies and becoming 'as one' with your thoughts and feelings so that she can harness that energy and combine it with her own magick in order to bring solutions to your problems and positive changes to the challenges you face.

The more intensely you want something, the deeper bond Pearl can share with you, and the greater your personal energy will be for her to manifest and bring your desires to life!

Pearl is a wonderful and caring companion, and as well as solving your problems and manifesting your desires, she will also protect you and shield you from dark energies.

She will be a trusted listener, a loyal friend and a guardian to you whether your problem is large of small. 

So mote it be! 

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