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Witch Tabitha Thomas Spirit Companion Vessel - Love Spells

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A gorgeous sterling silver ring set with simulated ruby.


This beautiful piece contains the spirit essence of a witch called Tabitha Thomas.

She was a loyal member of our coven for over 27 years before she passed into spirit in 1998.

Tabitha is a very intense spirit, and once she sets her mind on helping someone, she works extremely hard to get the job done.

Tabitha specialises in love magick, and her passion is making others happy by bringing long lasting love into their life.

Tabitha is particularly good at creating bonds between people... securing existing relationships, and renewing the passion of old relationships.

Tabitha has the power to connect two hearts with an invisible cord of magickal energy, bringing people together in harmony and understanding.

This invisible cord allows the two hearts to beat as one, to merge together in deep love and genuine deep emotion.

This helps both people to be patient and understanding and caring with each other.

It creates a common ground with a solid base for long lasting love.

So if you are starting a new relationship and you want to give it the best possible chance, Tabitha is the witch that you want in your life!

If you are hoping to rekindle an old romance, Tabitha is the witch that you want by your side!

Of course, your heart can not be bound to another persons heart unless the hearts are compatible with each other in accordance with what the powers that be have in store for you... so Tabitha can not bind you to a person that you are not meant to be with.

But if you are meant to be with this person, you should connect with Tabitha and allow her to work her magick for you.

Let her love magick flow around you and give your love the best possible chance of withstanding the stresses and pressures that two people face in a relationship.

Simply hold this piece or wear it and your bond with Tabitha will be created, never to be broken.


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