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The Witch Within Spell Vessel

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The Witch Within Spell Vessel

A gorgeous piece made from mottled agate, glass beads and tibetan silver.

Elasticated to fit most wrist sizes.

This vessel if designed for those of you that feel that there is a blossoming witch inside you, just waiting to jump on her broom and fly to the surface!

Perhaps you feel drawn to the world of magick but you just don't know where to start.

Maybe you would love to embrace your spiritual side and start on a path of magick making, but you don't feel that you have the confidence to get started.

We have infused this vessel with spells to help you begin your magickal journey by helping to increase your confidence, enhance your spiritual gifts, and to surround you with a cloak of protection to keep you safe and sound as you take the first steps on this new path.

This vessel won't suddenly transform you into an all-knowing mighty powerful spell caster!

Nobody can transform you into a witch - it comes from within! 

You will still need to follow the path of your choosing, you will need to practice and learn your skills.

But wearing this vessel can help to give that witch within you a powerful push to the surface!

The spells in this piece will help you to connect with your inner witch and give you the confidence and clarity to focus your mind on the art of magick making. 

Wear this vessel as you cast your spells or spend time at your altar.

Wear this vessel during any meditation or divination sessions.

Wear this vessel as you use your positive visualisation to manifest positive changes.

So mote it be!

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