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Wolf Whisperer Wyatt - Intense Protection

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Wolf Whisperer Wyatt Vessel

A beautiful elasticated bracelet with hematite, glass beads and tibetan silver.

This vessel will be worn by Holly during the next 'Wolf Whisperer Wyatt' summoning ritual at our touch of spirit coven gathering.

Hollys body will act as a magickal transference tool for the essence of Wyatt and his wolves, and so this vessel will be intensely energised with their powers.

These are the words Wyatt used to express how he will help his human companions - 

'My wolf companions and I will will be at your disposal to help you in any way you need us to, we will be your witch and wolf guardians.

I am known as the wolf whisperer due to the deep and eternal bond that I share with my 7 wolf companions and the love we share.

I cant wait for you to meet my 7 beauties, their names are Dart, Jed, Kalleem, Thorn, Sand, Talon and Canti.

They have been by my side throughout my many lifetimes, and each of them will love you and care for you as deeply as I will.

When you face demons, darkness, hostility, injustice or any kind of problem, my wolves and I will race to be with you, fighting for you, protecting you and seeing off anything or anyone that means to cause you distress or sadness.

Let us make a stand for you, let us defend you and shelter you from danger.

Allow us to warn off your enemy and to deal with anything that could be a potential threat to your happiness and security.

I will use my magick to take care of you, and my wolves will do the same. 

I hope you will allow us to become close to you, to connect with you and to work with you always'

So mote it be! 

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